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CookBook Club: Paul Flynn on his wonderful Poly tunnel

It’s a book club. Except it’s a ‘Cook’ Book Club, and it’s held in a restaurant! The next chef author is Paul Flynn seen here in this video, on March 11 2013 next. Paul was also the cookbook club’s first chef author with his cookbook ‘The Tannery’ back in September 6 2010. His new cookbook is called ‘Surf n Turf’. Attendants on the night to Paul Flynn’s cookbook club will have the opportunity to eat all starters, mains and desserts cooked by the in-house chefs of The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin, wonderful restaurant VnV – they replicate the challenge we all face at home cooking from famous chefs cookbooks. This is a golden opportunity to eat Paul Flynn’s food from his new cookbook. Tickets are €35 and can only be bought on on www.thecookbookclub.com. Paul along with the irascible Martin Shanahan starred in an RTE program of the same name last Summer, Surf n Turf (Paul is the Turf) http://www.tannery.ie/

The crew, Elaine Walsh (Director), Louise Daly (Photographer), Jane Manahan (Web Designer) and Kate Mc Carroll (Camera and Editor) were lucky enough to meet and interview Paul in this video and did the whole video in one take! Enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of The Tannery.